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Inspiring sustainability in power generation


Naka's Renewable Energy Power Station

Majunaka Eco Energy Sdn Bhd owns and operates a 9.95MW biomass renewable energy power station in Naka, Kedah. The power station uses biomass, mainly paddy husks, as the main fuel to generate electricity.

With an estimate of 300,000 tonnes of paddy husks produced from the production of paddy in Kedah and Perlis alone, rice producers face a problem to dispose the abundant amount of paddy husks. However, this becomes an opportunity for us with the abundance of fuel found to generate and supply electricity through our power generator. There are also other sources of biomass within the region, including wood waste and other plantation wastes which are suitable as fuel for the power station.

The generator is designed to fit the technical needs to export electricity to the Malaysia’s electricity energy provider, Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s 33kV grid system.



Rice husks, wood chips and garden wastes are used as fuel to generate the power station


Electricity is generated through thermal generation using steam turbines


The station generates up to 9.95MW for distribution and supply of electricity


33kV is exported and distributed to TNB's grid system

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